Metal Clay Supply and Metal Clay Basics

by Christine

I just posted a number of really cool metal clay supplies on the Metal Clay Supply page!

Here is some more information about metal clay if you are still confused about what exactly metal clay is.

Metal clay is sort of like clay in consistency, and is made up of fine metal particles, organic binder, and water.  The idea is that you can work with it, form it, mold it, then fire it using a kiln or torch.  Once you fire it, everything not metal burns away, and you are left with almost pure metal formed into the desired shape.

Brands of Metal Clay

There are two brand names you’ll find:  PMC (or Precious Metal Clay), and Art Clay Silver. Both do the job, although there are differences in formulation.

What Metals for Metal Clay?

You can get gold and silver, copper and bronze.  It’s important to note that while gold clay and silver play can be torch fired or kiln fired, bronze and copper need to be kiln fired.  Torch firing doesn’t work with these.

Prepackaged Clay Types

Both brands offer clay in a variety of formats.

Metal Clay Types

Precious Metal Clay in Lump Form

Lump Form: Lump clay is what you’d expect.



PMC or Art Clay Silver Paste

Paste or Slip: You can also get watered down clay in pots.  This is called “paste” or “slip”, just like in pottery.  Just like pottery, you need slip to stick pieces together.  You don’t need to buy it separate though because you can make your own slip if you’d like from the lump clay.

Metal Clay in a Syringe

Syringe: Metal clay also comes in a syringe format (slip is prepackaged within the syringe) so that you can “draw” on your pieces, make lines, patterns, dots, etc.



PMC or Art Clay Silver Sheet

Sheet: Finally, you can buy metal clay in sheets that can be cut with scissors or punches. Origami anyone?

Find More Metal Clay Supplies on the Metal Clay Supply Page

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