Precious Metal Clay Firing Supplies

Metal Clay Firing

Metal clay firing is a fairly simple process.  Once you complete your metal clay project and let it dry, you need to fire it to burn away the binder.  This leaves you with a finished creation made of almost 100% pure silver, gold, copper, or bronze (depending on the clay you use).

To fire your finished piece, you’ll need a torch, kiln, or other firing apparatus.

Your Firing Tool Choices:

Torch Firing:

The least expensive of the choices in the long run, but also the least reliable.  That said, it’s a great way to get started, and is what I recommend for anyone getting started.  You’ll need a butane torch, a soldering pad or fire brick, good ventilation, and a heat proof and fire proof surface.

Kiln Firing:

Kiln firing provides perfect, even heat and can fire any type of metal clay including the new, more affordable bronze and copper clays.   Here is the perfect kiln.  Handpicked for the discerning jewelry artist, this is the kiln for you.

Other Firing Options:

Don’t like the torch option and can’t yet justify the expense of a kiln?  Here are some other options for metal clay firing:

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